Looking through a pinhole

How many mini stickers have you eaten when munching apples? Or how many times have you been asked for your driver’s licence for ID when you’re using a white cane? Or how many times have you laughed when someone says “check out this hilarious meme”? It could be funny if you could see it. But you laugh out loud anyway because everyone else is and besides you want to be polite.

As members of the blind and low vision community, we ask ourselves these mind-boggling questions every day. Then we always remind ourselves to look at the lighter side of life and never let sight get in the way of a good story.


Fàilte agus madainn mhath

‘Fàilte agus madainn mhath’. That means ‘Welcome everyone and good morning’ in Scottish Gaelic. Now, I must admit, not many people these days would understand

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Blind and Low Vision stuff

A kayaking adventure

A few months ago, as I was catching up on my emails from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV), an unexpected invitation to go kayaking

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