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It’s been more than two months now since the Coronavirus made its way to Australia. Since that time I’m very proud to say Australia has moved into a virtual lockdown to stop the spread of this dreadful virus.

So now there are only four reasons to go out;

  • To buy food and other essential items such as medicine
  •  To exercise
  • To go to work or school if not possible to do them from home
  • To go out for emergency reasons such as doctor visits and dropping of supplies to vulnerable people

The bottom line is STAY HOME.

If you do go out for anything non-essential you will either

  • get caught by the police OR
  • your neighbours will ring the crime stopping hotline which is receiving hundreds of calls a day
  • then you will pay a $1600 plus fine

Good on ya neighbours!!

What is there to go out for anyway?

Just about everything is closed.
Which brings me to the subject of my blog –  hairdressing salons and barber shops.   

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that“Hairdressers and barber shops will remain open with up to 30 minute appointments and the 1 person per 4 square metre rule applies in the premises”.

Covid hair appointments 

Well I’m sure most menfolk could be in and out of a barber’s shop within the 30 minute time frame. But what about the ladies?  Two hours is not even enough. They don’t go in for a quick trim.  They go to have one or all of the following services such as;

  • Their roots taken care of     
  • Colour – full head
  • Foils
  • Restyle – you’ve got your bobs, your bangs and a range of other cuts
  • Blow wave
  • Bouffant hairdo 
  • Permanent aka perm-(has taken a nosedive in popularity since the 1980s). 

I prepared for the birth of my babies in the 1980s with the big hair perm (see images below). At least two of them anyway. I prepared for the third one with a mini-meltdown.   

What about the kids?

With the enforcement of the Covid-19 rules, a trip to the hairdresser’s would be hair-raising with a tribe of kids in tow. But really, there’s no need to head out at all. Instead start your own not for profit business and give it a name such as Kovid Kidz Kutz, Corona Coiffs or Covid Cuts. As a home hair stylist you’ll feel like you’re part of the workforce again if you lost your job. You won’t get paid but then you wouldn’t anyway if you lost your job.

When my kids were little I used to cut their hair as is evident from the photo above. Eventually this changed because I accidentally cut the top of my little Superman’s right ear. The amount of blood that came out of that tiny cut unnerved me with the result I never cut my childrens’ hair again. Luckily we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic.



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