Interview with my brother who crochets

What does he crochet?

He crochets beanie hats for his fundraising project aptly called ‘Tip my Hat’. The money raised goes to Beyond Blue which is an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues related to depression, suicide, anxiety and other mental disorders.
The support of volunteers and fundraisers is critical given the rate of mental health illness which is set to rise as people struggle to deal with the catastrophic effects of Covid-19.

Each one is unique

Stunning designs and dire colours are a feature of each hand-crafted beanie. Amazing embellishments such as flowers are available on request.   

Size? No problem

Big heads. Small heads, Medium heads. He’s got them all covered.

Two of my little grandchildren (below) looking cute  and cosy in their beanie hats.

What about accessories?

For those who like to accessorise, there is also a range of matching (or not) accessories available upon request. The one in the middle (pictured below) is a favourite of many customers.  

Gilbert the Dog Collection

Specialised shops have placed orders in the recent past. Fortunately, thanks to covid-19 he is still able to keep up with supply and demand. My brother had this to say about his Gilbert the Dog Collection before the global pandemic.

“Eight beanies were ordered by Salamanca Wool Shop, Hobart, helping raise funds for Beyond Blue. Go in and try one on. You know you want to”.

Covid Cover-up Collection

And this to say about his latest collection, the Covid Cover-up Collection.

“My Beyond Blue fundraiser ‘Tip My Hat’ has gone viral with these must-have accessories. I’m thinking of rebranding and renaming myself ‘Tip My Hat incorporating Cough Up’. About as effective against Coronavirus as a crochet g-string bikini is against sunburn, these crochet covid cover-ups come in a range of fashion colours including Scarlet Fever, Salmonella, Lime Disease, and Golden Staph”.

What else does your brother do?

My brother is also a health care professional. He goes to work to save lives. When he’s not caring for others and saving lives, he’s at home playing orchestral music on his viola. And making beanies.     

Happy Birthday Sam ?



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