“Birding by Ear” interview with Peter Greco, Vision Australia Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Peter Greco of Vision Australia Radio, South Australia. We talked about the “Birding by Ear” sensory walk at Westgate Park, Victoria. The walk is unique compared to other park walks because we have added a bird quiz and a mindfulness session. My focus is on the sensory side of things, while Park Ranger Mip focuses on everything else, including fixing broken water mains.

For more information about the walk and an audio file of the songs of some of the birds you can meet at the park, please click on the link below.


The bird song quiz – some advice

Before we start the walk, Mip plays a short audio of a particular bird from the audio file that participants receive upon registration. It’s not easy especially if you’re a novice twitcher (see below). So if you’re planning to go on the walk, it’s a good idea to listen to the bird calls and try to remember which song goes with which bird. You’ll be well rewarded with praise!

Mud and Saltwater – Satisfying The Twitch

If you’re not sure what a twitcher is, check out the short film below created by my friend Bruce Barker. Bruce entered the 2023 Mud and Saltwater Short Film Festival. This is his film, Satisfying The Twitch, which was filmed on Yawuru land in and around Broome, Western Australia.



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