My holiday snaps; the best of 2020/21

I’ve been limiting my holidays to within five kilometres of my home during 2020/21. And I must say it’s been amazingly stress free. There’s no need to waste hours making online bookings or pack heavy suitcases to fly to overseas destinations or over Australian borders. There’s no need to take trains, trams, buses or taxis where the risk of catching something unpleasant is high. There are no upfront costs.  All you really need for a holiday of this magnitude is a decent pair of legs for walking. And one friend to accompany you if you have one.

What activities can you do within the 5 km radius?

Living in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria does not limit the possibilities the great outdoors has to offer. There is such a diverse range of flora and fauna to discover just outside the front door. Every day I see different species of cats and dogs. They’re mostly friendly and appreciate a little fur rub. On top of that there are so many different walking paths with a large variety of plants to discover.

Australiana or Tropicana – the choice is yours

The bird life consists mainly of magpies who are always in full song. They make their nests high up in the branches of eucalyptus trees. These beautiful birds also enjoy visiting human homes and swooping on the unsuspecting. But there is much more to enjoy than the Australian bush setting. I feel like I’m in a tropical paradise when I walk along the path adjacent to the railway track. There are plenty of palm trees interspersed with the occasional tropical magnolias along that route.

Limiting yourself to one hour is the key to having the best time

A stroll to the shops can also be achieved within one hour if you don’t have to queue up too long for coffee. Take-away coffee is in great demand because nothing else is open except for essential food and drink supply businesses.  It’s great to know that the shops have been closed for most of 2020/21 so it’s window shopping only. If you’ve lost your job or your business that’s a real bonus because you won’t be tempted to spend the money you don’t have.

And finally …..

Another hint for an enjoyable holiday is to remember to keep social distanced from everyone else. One and a half metres is the recommended safety net. My best friend Slim is my personal social distancer. He’s been accompanying me outdoors and protects me from others who unwittingly come to close.

Most places offer free hand sanitiser and free masks these days.  So, cover up, keep your distance, have a squirt and you’ll have a really safe holiday.  It’s a good idea to have your vaccinations up to date as well. No-one wants to catch or spread anything nasty.

This has got to be my favourite holiday photo (above). A snap from the outback taken from my back step.



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