Exploring Herring Island’s Wonders

How many people have had the chance to discover Herring Island?  Not many it seems. But a few more of us have now. On a fresh morning in late February, a group of enthusiastic adventure seekers from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, had the opportunity to explore Herring Island.  The island is nestled within an […]

Twalking in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

We’ve all done it. But we didn’t know we were doing it. Twalking, the timeless art of merging talk and walk, has been a cherished pastime since time immemorial. But who knew we were twalking? This term sprang to life from the fusion of “talk” and “walk,” coined by a friend of my cousin, Jeanette’s. […]

A trip to Brickendon Estate, Longford, Tasmania

We weren’t political protesters, or petty thieves who had to steal a loaf of bread to survive. Or steal clothes from washing lines. We didn’t even steal a sheep or steal from a dwelling. These were all transportable offences to Van Diemans Land where you became a convict and got hard labour, often for the […]