Lightscape: a Symphony of Lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Write 25 words or less why you would like to win a double pass to Lightscape at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. I couldn’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t want to win a double pass to Lightscape, so there was only one thing to do.

Pensioners – choose between eating and heating

 The competition came via an email from Red Energy, my gas and electricity provider. I had just paid my bill, so I thought it could only be a customer service survey asking for a ranking between one and ten based on certain criteria, and a few comments about their service.  After all, I’d just heard Peter Dutton, the mouthy Opposition Leader, on the news saying that pensioners had to choose between eating and heating this winter, as he criticised the government’s energy and climate policies.  Given the high cost of energy at the moment, many people are wrongly blaming their service providers.  Naturally, I thought  that Red Energy was seeking some positive customer feedback.  So, rather than sending the email straight to the trash, I decided to open it and give Red some positive comments.

I entered the competition

But it wasn’t a survey after all. It was a Thank you for being a valued and loyal customer of Red Energy and an entry form for their Lightscape Ticket promotion. So I got cracking on my 25 words and never thought about it again until two weeks later when I received an email with CONGRATULATIONS in the subject line. Woohoo! I had won a double pass to Lightscape.

The night

It was a freezing, misty winter’s night when I met my friend Shane at Flinders Street Station. After a quick bevvy at Young and Jacksons, we boarded a tram opposite the station and headed towards the Royal Botanic Gardens, aiming for the  Shrine of Remembrance. Even though it was the preview night before the event opened to the public, the area was bustling with people. The starting point for the trail was easy to find, conveniently located opposite the Shrine.

The food

The air was filled with the amazing aromas wafting from the food trucks offering fish and chips and pizzas, as well as Asian, Filipino, Greek, and Mexican cuisines. Shane and I opted for Mexican and settled into one of the cosy igloos that were dotted around the food area to enjoy our chicken burritos. Soon it was time to explore the Lightscape trail. Wow what an experience! Words cannot fully capture the magic and wonder of Lightscape. Luckily, Shane took lots of pictures and videos to help remember the night.

The installations

My favourite installation was definitely the stunning winter cathedral. To reach it, we had to walk through thousands of suspended lights that change colour in response to movement, making us feel completely immersed in a sea of lights. You can easily identify the cathedral in the photos below.

The mulled wine

At the halfway point there was a beverage stop, so we decided to pause for a warm mulled wine, before continuing our journey through the light trails. If anyone happens to read this, I urge you to put everything aside and go. Your energy bills may take a further hike, so you might as well get out there enjoy it!

And finally!

A big thankyou to Red Energy for making this unforgettable night possible!

Also, thanks to Shane Broomhall for accompanying me and taking such great photos. Love your work, Shane!!!



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  1. It was a wonderful night of lights, lasers, mist and music and great company! I think you captured it well Annette. 🙂 x

    1. Totally agree Shane. It was the best! What a wonderful way to spend a cold, misty winter’s night! xxx

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