Not so long ago …

… all the humans on the planet Earth were going out and doing lots of things.  Some grown-ups were going to work. Other grown-ups stayed at home to look after the babies.  Little kids were going to day care. Big kids were going to school.
Grandpas were out playing golf. But no-one knew what the Nannies were doing.

On the weekends little kids played in the parks and went bike

riding with their parents. Little kids visited their friends too.  Big kids went out to skate parks and hung out at shopping centres with their friends. Nannies and Grandpas came to visit and gave sloppy kisses and cuddles. Grown-ups had parties and bbqs and talked about silly things.

But then one day everything changed when some bad germs came to visit the planet Earth. They were called the bad C germs. They had other names too.

One was called Covid -19. He liked numbers especially the number 19. He also liked coughs, sneezes, cruises and working outside. And what’s more he liked the letter C.


The other one was called Corona. She liked crowns and wanted to be called Princess Corona. She also liked coughs, sneezes, cruises and working outside. And of course, the letter C.

The bad C germs had special powers. They used their special powers to turn into lots of germs. 

At first humans didn’t know these unwelcome visitors had arrived because they were invisible. With their special powers they were able to spread themselves around in coughs and sneezes and make humans sick. It wasn’t like a tummy ache or a head ache. This sickness was called a virus.

Covid-19 and Princess Corona quickly found a home in the cough and sneeze of an old man.  One day the old man had the most amazing sneeze. Aaaaattchhoo. Then he had an enormous cough. Huerrrk. Huerrrk.  Covid 19 and Princess Corona were propelled like a rocket onto three other humans that were passing by.

Then those three humans started coughing and sneezing everywhere. And then other humans joined them. With all this coughing and sneezing going on it wasn’t long until Covid -19 and Princess Corona had spread to one hundred humans. Some were getting sick with the virus. Others weren’t.

The bad C germs were very happy because their superpowers were working overtime to spread the virus. Some humans were even getting the virus from touching things that had been sneezed or coughed on by other humans.  Yucky

So the humans who were in charge on the planet Earth had to do something to destroy the bad C germs and stop the virus. They wanted to keep everyone safe. They came up with some rules.


Stay at home.
Wash your hands. (All germs hate clean hands).
Go for a walk with your family.

Humans were following the rules and everyone was having fun at home washing their hands. And going for walks and washing their hands.  Some grown-ups were working from home. Little kids were doing other things too like making video calls to their Nannies and Grandpas, looking for teddy bears on their walks and finding new friends in the garden.


Slowly Covid-19 and Princess Corona were losing their powers because humans were happily staying safe at home. And no one was getting sick anymore. There was nothing left for Covid 19 and Princess Corona to do on planet Earth so they started making plans to go back to where they came from. And who knows where that was?
One day soon the human rule makers will decide when it’s safe to go out and do lots of things again. And that’s exactly what humans will do. Some grown-ups will go back to work. Other grown-ups will stay at home to look after the babies.  Little kids will go back to day care. Big kids will go back to school. Grandpas will go out to play golf. But still no-one will know what the Nannies are doing.

This story was written for the loves of my life – Kieran, Angus and Alana.



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