Nannie Memes – fourth instalment

The grandchildren are developing their culinary skills and becoming quite useful – in the kitchen. They are not only whipping up delicious meals but also mastering the art of baking. To top it off, they don’t even mind a bit of cleaning up after their kitchen escapades.

Kieran’s new cooking show “Baking for the Budget Conscious” has been a real hit during these tough economic times.
Angus meticulously counts every strand of cheese to get his pizzas just right.
Luna always enjoys lending Dad a head with food preparation.
Kieran often shares his culinary secrets with his grandmother. “When I make scones, I always add a bit more flour. It makes them heavy and you can make a meal of them”, he says.

Alana is so confident she doesn’t even need to look in the bowl as she’s mixing.



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