Life between lockdowns in Victoria

We only had three weeks between lockdowns. The Government began easing restrictions as the COVID-19 cases were declining. On June 6, Victoria recorded no new cases of the virus.  But three weeks later it came back like never before. So metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell shire went back into stage 3 lockdown. The first wave of infections mostly involved returned travellers from overseas. But this time it’s different because the numbers of community transmissions keep rising exponentially. It’s more like a tidal wave crashing into vulnerable communities, workplaces, aged care homes and schools. This is what happens when ninety percent of people do not follow public health guidelines.

This is how it happened and is still happening

Now we all have to pay because people are:

  • Going to go to work while waiting for test results
  • Continuing to work while infected
  • Going shopping while waiting for test results,
  • Not using personal protective equipment
  • Going to mass protests
  • Refusing to be tested

And on top of all that you’ve got your usual trouble makers, the conspiracy theorists. To this day, I have not heard what the actual theory is. Bizarre.

Back in lockdown again

Life between lockdowns was brief for sure. During that time, it was beautiful to have some cuddle time with my baby grandchildren. Kieran 3 years, Angus, 19 months and Alana 14 months. After two months they had changed so much. But I got to do some of the things I used to enjoy before Covid-19 attacked the world.  Spending two whole days with my son, Adam and Angus. Making playdough and popcorn with Kieran. Reading books with Alana. Getting home help back in. Having lunch in my favourite café. Eating fish and chips at my place with family. Going for a drive with my daughter. Just little things like that but so special. And then it was all over again. We were back in lockdown.  

Home help – washing, vacuuming, cleaning up the kitchen, cooking

And so it goes on …..

It’s now three weeks into the second lockdown.  There are still heaps of people going out infecting each other. Some couldn’t give a toss. Others are doing it really tough and feeling pressured to make bad decisions. And the numbers of new cases are so unpredictable. Yesterday it was 295 which gave minimal comfort after days in the three, four and even five hundreds. But then today it was Victoria’s darkest day with 723 new cases and 14 deaths. With numbers like these, there is still is no sign of flattening the curve. Until recently the virus was mainly confined to Melbourne metropolitan and Mitchell shire but now is spreading to regional Victoria.

Masks are now mandatory

Masks have become the latest essential item for everyone unless you’re under 12 or have a legitimate health reason not to wear one. Everyone else must wear a mask. Obviously if you’re eating or drinking in the street you can take it off while you eat and drink.  At first, it was confined to the lockdown areas. However, due to the spread into regional Victoria It will be mandatory for all Victorians to wear a mask. The bare-face deadline is midnight on 2 August. Most people have embraced wearing a mask and will do whatever it takes to curb the spread of this deadly virus. They don’t want to be responsible for causing sickness or death to themselves or others.

Just wear a mask – it’s not that hard

But then no surprises, you’ve also got the anti- maskers. They spend hours rehearsing to become stars of social media. I’m not sure why these idiots seem to get more than their fair share of TV coverage. They enjoy going to large stores to be refused entry. They have their pre-prepared phone set on ‘record’ before they explode. They abuse customer service personnel, post office workers, police … Sometimes after a magnificent performance they realise they forgot to press ‘record’. What a shame!  They rant about their rights (not wearing a mask), discrimination against women (not sure what the connection is here), they quote from the Human Rights Charter of 1948, they threaten to sue because making people wear masks is illegal. The sad truth for the anti-maskers is that everything they say is wrong and everything they do is illegal. Maybe they should have read about the laws the Government can make to keep communities safe during a public health crisis.

The dates and numbers in this post were current at the time of writing.

My son in his mask which he made from his favourite old Active Wear T-shirt. Especially designed with breathable material.



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