How to put an unemployed cruise ship to good use

Unemployed cruise ships?  They are also victims of this global pandemic.  They are berthed indefinitely in ports all around the world. Some are even anchored at sea because many ports are unable to accommodate cruise ships. But it doesn’t have to be like that. They could be put to use quarantining the selfish gits who refuse to follow hospital directives or any other public health directives for that matter. That will enable workers on the frontline to do their work without being abused by those types who think they are above the law. After all, most of us just want to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

All aboard the Non-Compliance Princess

In Australia there are plenty of unemployed cruise ships. They have lovely names such as Ruby Princess, Majestic Princess, Celebrity Solstice, Radiance of the Seas … Obviously the ship selected for these special passengers would have to be renamed the Non -Compliance Princess or something like that. Then off they’d go! Sailing away having a riotous time on board coughing and sneezing all over each other.  And forget any moral compass. It’s not needed on board the Non-Compliance Princess. Passengers would be able to enjoy freedom of speech and breaking rules like never before without moral judgement from any do-gooders.  The cost of their impending fines for not following public health directives would cover the cost of their one-way cruise out of the country.

Don’t tell me to wear a mask

Stephanie from Tweet land prompted this great idea. I don’t know Stephanie personally but I feel connected to her. As you can see from her Tweet she’s a nurse working long hours without a break. On top of that she has to put up with patients who are aggressive and abusive. Why? Because she has the audacity to tell them to wear a mask.  Stephanie shouldn’t even have to tell them that.  Wearing masks in Victoria has been mandatory since 2 August. How dare you lot treat her that way? Nurses go to work every day showing selfless dedication to caring for others. That was pre-Covid. Now, on top of that they are making even more extraordinary sacrifices and showing incredible bravery.  They deserve the utmost respect.

What happened to the cruise ships?

Miscommunication between the Government and the cruise ship operators of the ‘Ruby Princess’ led to one of the biggest coronavirus clusters in Australia. After completion of their New Zealand cruise on 19 March, 2020, all 2 650 passengers were allowed to disembark the ship in Sydney. This was despite reports of sick people on board with an influenza type illness.  However, no one was tested for the virus. In Sydney, passengers caught buses, trains, domestic planes and roamed the streets to get back home spreading the virus on their way. Of course, at the time passengers were probably unaware of the potential risk to the community. Many may not have even heard of Covid-19 in those early pandemic days. However, later reports did suggest that some testing took place on board but the readings were misinterpreted with the result that all those tested were negative.

Other uses for unemployed cruise ships

Outbreaks of Covid-19 on cruise ships have been a major source of the spread of the infection.  Not just in Australia, but all around the world. This has led to the closure of the cruise ship industry globally. Now there are plenty of cruise ships all over the world that are vacant. Due to the global influx of Covid-19 patients some cruise ships are being put to good use as hospitals. Others are being used for emergency accommodation. So now back to my original point. I think I’m onto something!

To the nurses past and present in my family. You’re all amazing!

If you have any stories to share on this topic, I’d love to hear from you.



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