“Birding by Ear” interview with Peter Greco, Vision Australia Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Peter Greco of Vision Australia Radio, South Australia. We talked about the “Birding by Ear” sensory walk at Westgate Park, Victoria. The walk is unique compared to other park walks because we have added a bird quiz and a mindfulness session. My focus is on the sensory side of things, […]

Mini Getaway to Wilson’s Promontory

It was a beautiful sunny morning, the first Friday in May, when Sarah and I set off for our weekend getaway. She had come over from Tasmania and  hired a  Tea Rock City Life especially for the occasion  The car was an average size SUV, that we had managed to pack full to the brim. […]

“Good evening, Officer, can I help you?” 

At a time in my life when my kids should have been a constant source of teenage angst, they defied the norm. Rather than loitering around shopping malls after or during school hours and being rebellious when asked by the authorities to ‘move on’, they stepped into the role of responsible adults. Meanwhile, I transitioned […]

Exploring Herring Island’s Wonders

How many people have had the chance to discover Herring Island?  Not many it seems. But a few more of us have now. On a fresh morning in late February, a group of enthusiastic adventure seekers from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, had the opportunity to explore Herring Island.  The island is nestled within an […]

A Walk in the Park – Westgate Park (Birding by Ear)

Recently an exciting opportunity landed in my lap – an invitation to lead a park sensory walk. As someone who cherishes the tranquillity of park strolls and embraces every chance that comes my way (well, most of them), I eagerly accepted. The focus of this adventure aptly named ‘Birding by Ear”  was to learn, listen […]

A kayaking adventure

A few months ago, as I was catching up on my emails from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV), an unexpected invitation to go kayaking popped into my inbox.  The prospect of kayaking initially seemed a bit daunting and made me question my life choices. However, after pondering the idea for a good two or […]

Nannie Memes – fourth instalment

The grandchildren are developing their culinary skills and becoming quite useful – in the kitchen. They are not only whipping up delicious meals but also mastering the art of baking. To top it off, they don’t even mind a bit of cleaning up after their kitchen escapades. Alana is so confident she doesn’t even need […]

G’Day Ron Hooper- you are an inspiration

Ron Hooper isn’t your average Aussie bloke. He’s an extraordinary individual who has faced many challenges but has managed to transform adversity into a rich and fulfilling life. For one thing, he did not allow blindness to stop his motivation to play cricket. Recently I was asked by Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV) if […]

Tandem Trails: Exploring Glen Eira Parks on a Bicycle Built for Two

‘Ping’ Weather looks good for weekend. Both days. Hope you are free and can suggest a time? Thanks Andrew. That’s the kind of text message I get a day or two before every weekend. It’s the text message I look forward to every week amongst all the clutter. I know I’m going to learn a lot […]

A Walk in the Park- Plenty Gorge Parklands

You don’t have to go far out of Melbourne to experience the great outdoors and immerse yourself in nature. Once again, I was grateful to have the opportunity to do just that, thanks to Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV) and Parks Victoria. This time, the walk took place at Morang Wetlands in the Plenty […]