Nannie Memes – fourth instalment

The grandchildren are developing their culinary skills and becoming quite useful – in the kitchen. They are not only whipping up delicious meals but also mastering the art of baking. To top it off, they don’t even mind a bit of cleaning up after their kitchen escapades. Alana is so confident she doesn’t even need […]

Nannie Memes – Second Instalment

From the happiness of wearing a new party outfit for the first time to the shock of seeing something really scary, the ‘eyes say it all’.

Nannie Memes – First Instalment

Memes. I’ve been hearing that word a lot over the last few years. I didn’t know what it meant until recently. Now I know memes are something that people love to spread around. A bit like COVID really. When people talk about memes, the conversations tend to end in laughter. Did you see that meme […]