Keep a lid on it

Temu – you’re cancelled. By me anyway. I’d heard about you and checked you out online. It wasn’t long before I started buying heaps of your plastic snap-together puzzles, a tiny plastic farmyard set and a plastic pet shop with plastic pets. It didn’t stop there. Next, I bought two look-alike Barbie Dolls and wardrobes […]

Fàilte agus madainn mhath

‘Fàilte agus madainn mhath’. That means ‘Welcome everyone and good morning’ in Scottish Gaelic. Now, I must admit, not many people these days would understand that Gaelic phrase. It’s the latest language I have been trying to learn, not to mention the hardest, but unfortunately, it has defeated me. Scottish Gaelic, or Gàidhlig, was historically […]

‘We are going to vote for the Aboriginals’

‘We are going to vote for the Aboriginals’. That was my grandson’s response in his sweet little 6-year-old voice, when I asked him what he was going to do today. Today happened to be Saturday 14th of October, 2023 when all Australians over 18 fronted up to polling booths all over the country to vote […]

The day my brother’s childhood ended

It seemed like a perfect day. I was soaking up some rays on the beach. My youngest brother Sam was inside the caravan playing games with his teacher. It was clear I wasn’t welcome because the teacher latched the door of the caravan. I was OK with that. Playing board games wasn’t my thing anyway.  […]

Exposing sexual harassment in the workplace – just do it

protest sexual harrassment in the workplace

‘My friend Annette used to work for you. She left because you didn’t pay her enough’. Clive Simpleton was taken aback when my friend Mary sprung that comment on him at the annual Christmas party. He was standing in the midst of a bunch of blokey blokes who were having a laugh and swilling beer. […]

How to put an unemployed cruise ship to good use

Unemployed cruise ships?  They are also victims of this global pandemic.  They are berthed indefinitely in ports all around the world. Some are even anchored at sea because many ports are unable to accommodate cruise ships. But it doesn’t have to be like that. They could be put to use quarantining the selfish gits who […]