Another family reunion

Angus was only 17 months old when we went into lockdown. He was 19 months old when I was able to pick him up and give him a cuddle and a kiss again. Sadly, Angus didn’t like cuddles and kisses anymore but tolerated the affection he was forced to endure.  In that two months he had changed so much. Although we had many Face Time calls it just wasn’t the same.

And as for Angus, the things he had enjoyed before Corona just weren’t the same anymore. He had lots of unanswered questions.

Going to the Football

Why am I the only one at the match? Where are the players and other spectators?

Going bike riding

Why don’t we ride out of the backyard anymore?

Going to the local

Are we supposed to be in here? Where’s everyone else?

But despite all that, Angus found plenty of other things to do during lockdown.

  • He developed his love of singing.
  • He caught up on some reading.
  • He did a bit of home carpentry.
  • And caught up on some sleep.

Now with the Coronavirus restrictions lifted, Angus is ready to start getting out amongst it again! Whoohoo!



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